Art Riggs is a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and massage therapist who has been teaching bodywork since 1988. His Deep Tissue Massage Manual instructional myofascial release videos and manual are in demand worldwide

A Visual Guide to Therapy Techniques

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The manual therapy techniques inDeep Tissue Massage Manual will transform the way you do bodywork.

Unlike many other massage therapist books, this training manual will be extremely useful for continuing education for both new massage practitioners and advanced massage therapists working in myofascial release, structural integration, Rolfing® physical therapy, and other forms of bodywork.

With more than 225 pages, 250 photographs and 50 detailed anatomy illustrations, the in-depth Deep Tissue Massage Manual book clearly illustrates hundreds of effective therapeutic myofascial release techniques.

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A Video Guide to Techniques

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A Japanese translation of DVDs is also available

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This 7-volume DVD set is an encyclopedia of myofascial bodywork that gives clear demonstrations of virtually every deep tissue massage technique any professional therapist will need.

The Deep Tissue Massage Manual videos have more than 11 hours of valuable educational material. Seeing the techniques performed live in real-time offers an education experience that is impossible to achieve in books alone.

Learn more about Deep Tissue Massage & Myofascial Release: A Video Guide to Techniques

(Japanese translation of DVDs available!)

Thoughts from the Author, Certified Advanced Rolfer® Art Riggs

Massage and bodywork continuing education can require a significant financial investment, but this is precisely what education should be – an investment in your expertise and your future. As one satisfied customer wrote, “I feel like I’ve just found the golden goose in Jack and the Beanstalk with all the information and techniques that I will refer back to for years to come.”

  • Articles – Read published articles by Art Riggs to understand the philosophy and scope of the materials being offered in the Deep Tissue Massage Manual. The articles provide a preview of the extensive useful information that can be found in the manual and DVDs.
  • Testimonials – We are pleased to share some of the glowing feedback from just a few of our satisfied customers who specialize in bodywork. Allow them to tell you in their own words how the book and DVDs have not only given them useful deep tissue massage techniques, but they have even dramatically transformed many questions.
  • Reviews – Read published reviews of the Deep Tissue Massage Manual guide and DVDs from industry giants such as Massage Magazine and the American Association of Massage Therapy.

Continuing education in massage therapy and bodywork pays for itself, not only by distinguishing you and your practice from your competition and improving your professional skills for clients, but also for making your work more fun and interesting. All this contributes to a more fulfilling and successful therapeutic practice.

Art Riggs

“Art Riggs is one of the most awesome bodywork teachers in our profession. [The DVDs are] a beautifully produced video set. [He’s] a great teacher who shares an enormous amount of knowledge and wisdom.”

Lisa Mertz, PhD, LMT, Massage Therapy Journal

“When clients call me with a particular complaint, I simply look up the applicable techniques and watch them, and off I go! I’ve employed the sidelying position much more frequently (love that!), and I feel free from hesitation to work deeply in a safe manner.”

Nina D., California

“I wish I had had this resource 12 years ago when I was in physical therapy school. The book and videos have dramatically improved the quality of my work and saved my body from injury.”

Patrick H., Physical Therapist and Rolfer

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