Recommended Massage Classes from Other Teachers

Ariana Vincent, LMT, MTI, NCBTMB Approved Provider, is the owner and founder of Ariana Institute. She offers online and classroom continuing education courses throughout the United States. Ariana maintains a full-time 30-year practice in Austin, Texas. She has been a Massage Therapy Instructor for 12 years. Ariana’s articles have been published in AMTA’s Massage and Bodywork magazine, Massage Magazine and Art Riggs’ Newsletter. Ariana Institute offers over 30 online CE courses as well as an online Massage Therapy Instructors course. Ariana Institute: Inspiring Massage Education and Wellness for the Body, Mind and Spirit. For additional information, including course descriptions and registration information, visit

Kinesis – Tom Myers, Director- offers short CE courses across the country and around the world on
1) Anatomy Trains (connected fascial anatomy),
2) BodyReading visual assessment, and 3) regional approaches to Fascial Release technique.  Kinesis also offers KMI, professional certification in Structural Integration in the USA and Europe, as well as Body Language, anatomy and palpation training for movement therapists.  or

Til Luchau is a lead instructor at Inc., which offers continuing education seminars throughout the United States and abroad. Til is a Certified Advanced Rolfer and a Rolf Institute® faculty member. He can be contacted directly at

Gil Hedley has developed an approach to anatomy which transforms both your vision of the body, and the way that you touch. His layer by layer, whole body dissection methods are documented in The Integral Anatomy Series. You can also study with him both in the lab, or at his  day-long lecture presentations.

Whitney Lowe is a premier authority on pain and injury treatment with massage therapy. He is the author of Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy and Orthopedic Massage: Theory and Techniques and his articles appear regularly in professional journals and magazines. Lowe offers Orthopedic Massage Certification via a cutting edge program, workshops, and DVD’s. For more information go to

Based in Los Angeles California, Bruce Schonfeld has taught Body Analysis, Structural Integration & Integrated Manual Therapies since 1996. Strongly influenced by Jan Sultan & Michael Salveson, he’s taken the Rolfing Advanced Training three times. He’s intensively studied Visceral Manipulation since 1997, including over 300 hours directly with Jean-Pierre Barral D.O.. Fascia is the common denominator of his “systems anatomy” approach. Bruce Schonfeld Advanced

Erik Dalton, PhD shares a broad therapeutic background in Rolfng® and manipulative osteopathy in his innovative workshops, books and home-study courses. Founder of the Freedom From Pain Institute® and developer of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques®, Dalton maintains a 31-year full-time practice in Oklahoma City, OK and Puriscal, Costa Rica. Visit for additional information or to view published articles on this innovative pain-healing approach.